Honey Bee Extractor

When you take a first look at the Honey Bee Extractor, you would think that it is just a plastic tube and there are a large number of such tubes already there in your home. But, wait a second and re-think. Is that the reason honey bee extractor is gaining this much popularity? Certainly not! The hidden secret of honey bees extractor’s popularity lies in its simplicity. This is a simple device and you can easily learn to use it and extract honey oil using it. The oil extraction procedure is no more complicated.

Appearance of Honey Bee Extractor

As mentioned, Honey Bee Extractor looks like a normal plastic pipe. It has holes on one end and a cap attached to it along with filters on the other end. The filters that come along with the device are generally not strong. However, you can make your own filter which is far stronger, so it would be a nice idea not to spend on the filters. You would also need cans of butane to extract out the honey oil.

Honey Bee ExtractorPrerequisites of the Process

•    First of all, you should open all the doors and the windows of the place where you are going to carry out the process. If possible, you can also choose to carry out the process outdoors, in your garden may be.

•    You should never try to carry out the process in a place where there are chances of some heating. A little heat can destroy everything since you are taking butane into use. Hence, be safe. Open flames can your enemy this time.

•    Never wear loose clothes which might catch fire or anything like that happens.

•    Last, but not the least, you need to put the material in the pipe. Hence, the material has to be ground first. Use a good quality grinder and grind the material well so that problems do not occur later on.

Steps to Follow:

Grinding the Material

You can use any grinder to grind the herb. However, grinding in a coffee grinder is generally not recommended. The coffee grinder might grind it in a very fine manner and hence, it would not be good.

Filling the Tube

Next, you have to fill the material into the tube and you have to do this step very carefully. Make sure that the tube is completely filled with the ground herb and once it is filled, press it a little so that later on more herb could be added to it.

Start Pressing

The end of the tube with filters should be kept downward and the hole upward. Fit the butane can into the hole and press it. Make sure that it is at least 6 inches upward from the plate or the bowl that you have kept under it. If you stay very close to the plate, butane would stick to the oil and it would be very difficult to remove it later on. Once the oil gets collected in the bowl, you would need to collect it and remove the butane from it.

What Makes a Difference?

Everyone follows the same procedure for extracting the honey oil. Then, why is it so that some people do it very well and some people do it very bad? The difference lies in the quality of the product. The quality of the butane you use can also make a great difference. Additionally, if you use good quality butane, you would not have to smell it, which would help you to complete the process with zest. Apart from that, the quality of the herb also makes a difference. Using dry herb can also produce good results.

Tips to Follow

•    Never start scraping off the oil immediately after the process has been completed. Let it be there for at least 12 hours.

•    Use a good method for purging the butane from the oil else the taste of the oil would never be good.

Follow all the steps carefully and at the end, you would get a nice smelling transparent liquid, which is called honey oil. If you notice traces of whitish substances in the oil at room temperature, you might need to remove more butane from it.